When should I call Senior Move Masters™?

Oftentimes we put off until the last minute that which we dread doing the most. Don't make this one of those times! Sorting, packing, unpacking — on a good day in your younger years — was no fun. Now it is physically and emotionally taxing to sort, box and dispose of a lifetime of accumulation. Call for a free consultation as soon as you've decided it's time to make a move.

What if I only need help with sorting and packing, but not moving or unpacking?

Senior Move Masters™ can help with whatever part of the moving process you require. Call us for a free consultation.

I live across the country from my parents. Do I need to be at their home during the moving process?

Careers, family, geography — there are numerous demands placed upon you that may prevent you from being in the place you want to be: helping Mom and Dad with their move. Take comfort in knowing it is not only your physical presence but your emotional support that helps in this time of transition. We at Senior Move Masters know you are devoted to supporting their well-being.

We work closely with siblings, sons and daughters, even grandkids, via email, phone and fax to get your loved ones moved while adhering to the wishes of family members who cannot be physically present. We are prepared to handle sensitive issues that may arise and treat everything with complete confidentiality.